Mt. Vernon Board of School Trustees

1. Public Hearing of the Classroom Teachers' Association and Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation
Mr. Chris Smedley, Assistant Superintendent


The 2020 Indiana General Assembly enacted legislation (SEA390), codified at Indiana Code 20-29-6-1(b), requiring a school employer and school employees to hold a pubic hearing and take public testimony to discuss the items described in the Indiana Teacher Collective Bargaining Law, Indiana Code 20-29-6-1 (a) before engaging in formal collective bargaining.

Therefore, the Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation and the Mt. Vernon Classroom Teachers' Association hereby convene this public hearing in accordance with SEA 390.  The board's representatives, Assistant Superintendent Chris Smedley, Chief Financial Officer Greg Elkins and Kellie Freeman (via ZOOM), Mt. Vernon Board of Trustees President.  Also present, Desiray Scalf, Delinda Deckard and Ann Wilkins (via ZOOM) from the Teachers' Association.  We would like to thank the members representing the MVCTA for being here today.

As with all public comments before the school board, the parties request that all who speak at this hearing limit their comments to the subject at hand, and speak concisely and cordially.

This hearing is now open for public comment at 3:53 p.m.  Anyone wishing to comment please state your name and association with the school district.  There were no public comments.

The Public Hearing was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.