Mt. Vernon Board of School Trustees

1. Work Session (5:15)

2. Pledge of Allegiance (7:00 P.M.)
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President


Mrs. Freeman led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  

3. Call to Order
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

4. Adoption of Agenda
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President


Dr. Parker stated changes had been made to the personnel report.  Mr. Edwards made a motion to approve the agenda with the included changes, Mrs. Walls seconded, and the motion carried 5-0.

5. Reports
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent

5.1 Good News
Mrs. Maria Bond, Director of Community Relations


Mrs. Bond shared the following Good News: 

1. MVHS won a Gold 2021 College Success Award from for their excellence in preparing students for college and beyond. The “gold” signifies a multiyear track record of college success as determined by college preparation and postsecondary data.

2. Mr. James Cochran, MVHS JAG Teacher, was recently selected as a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction by the National Society of High School Scholars for being an exemplary role model for students. He was nominated by a student for his outstanding dedication and commitment to excellence in the profession.

3. Homecoming night was celebrated with a win, float parade and Gehrig Slunaker and Madison Swingle being named the King and Queen, respectively.

4. MCE successfully opened the new cue for parent drop-off/pick-up today, keeping the cars off the road.

5. Through their many fundraisers and work efforts, the Marauders Athletic Club donated $30,000 to support Mt. Vernon Athletics.

6. All five schools earned a “Highly Effective Schools” Accreditation from Solution Tree. This significant achievement reflects all five schools’ commitment to reaching and maintaining the highest levels of educational quality. They earned this by maintaining and growing identified areas having the biggest impact on student learning and growth which are directly aligned to the Professional Learning Communities at work and the High Reliability Schools framework.

7. MVHS Girls Cross Country advanced to semi-state as a regional runner-up, and Boys Cross Country brought home the regional title.

8. MVHS Football team is the back-to-back Hoosier Heritage Conference Champs for the first time in program history. Community Connections

9. Special thanks to Hancock Regional Hospital and Wilburn Medical for donating medical supplies for the MVHS Health Science classes.

5.2 Spotlight on Programs
Mrs. Alissa Lockwood, Principal, Mt. Comfort Elementary


Mrs. Lockwood introduced Haley Frischkorn, ENL Coordinator. Mrs. Frischkorn shared Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation is now considered a large population district with over 100 ENL students. Since 2016 with 16 students, we have grown to 102 students in 2021. The high school has 18 students representing 7 different languages, the middle school 20 representing 8 different languages, Fortville Elementary 14 representing 6 different languages, McCordsville Elementary 24 representing 5 different languages, and Mt. Comfort Elementary 26 representing 7 different languages. This year we have 28 new students, 11 of which are new to the district, 11 of which are new to the country, and 6 that are new kindergarteners. We have two staff members working extensively with English Learners. The district has ten teachers working toward their ENL TOR Certification. We currently have three teachers with ENL licenses. The challenge is to provide the required 30-45 minutes of supplemental ENL services to each student every day. Mrs. Frischkorn stated they are also working with several students who are no longer in the ENL program, but are currently failing one or more classes. With the lack of support at home from parents who do not speak English, she is also working with them by pulling them into an academic support period to get them on track. She stated we do not receive funding for those students, but they are still in need of assistance. 

5.3 Transportation and New Elementary Location Options
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent


Dr. Parker introduced Misha Belyayev, an architect with Lancer + Beebe and Jim Gulley, Project Executive of AECOM Hunt. 

Mr. Belyayev presented two different options for a new transportation center and the pros and cons for each option, as well as the location for the new elementary school. The hope is to create a bypass road around the campus for more options and a bus loop in order to serve multiple buildings at the same time. Option 1 would position the new transportation center in the corner of the newly purchased property and Option 2 would include a new transportation center attached to the current administration building. The pros of Option 1 would be a new building tailored exactly to the current needs and bus traffic would be on the outskirts of campus leaving the middle of the campus flexible for future developments with a possible future connection to Fortville Pike. The cons would be larger development costs and empty square footage at the administration building once Pre-K moves out. The pros of Option 2 would be that we are reusing some square footage of the existing administration building with utilities nearby and leaving the periphery of the acquired property for future developments. The cons of Option 2 would be that buses are concentrated in the middle of campus and would leave no room for new development in the middle of campus. Dr. Parker commented while it is an additional investment to move the transportation center to the northeast corner, because of our growth, the assessed valuation is allowing us to do construction easily under our current debt service tax rate. 

In regards to the location for the new elementary school there is really only one option in being across from the middle school football field. This will allow a long stacking distance from W 800 N with visibility from 200. This will also allow room for future expansions/campus development, as well as the possibility of sharing facilities with the middle school. 

5.4 Board Policies - First Reading
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent


Dr.  Parker presented a first reading of 10 new board policies.  These are brought as adjustments or new policies going from School Wellness to Public Comments and Concerns.  These were made available to be the board digitally for review and discussion. Dr. Parker stated after this there are no more in the que; however, our attorney will be providing some additional policies to consider, as well as the next legislative session always brings a slew of policies to consider.  

6. Public Comments Regarding Agenda Items
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President

B 225 - Public Participation at Board Meetings
May only address items listed in the agenda
Must be recognized by presiding officer.
Must provide name, address, and group affiliation, if and when appropriate
Limited to 3 minutes duration
All statements shall be directed to the presiding officer; no person may address or question Board members individually

For those wishing to address the board on an item not on the agenda, a request to place an item on the agenda must be received no later than seven (7) days prior to the meeting.  


There were no public comments. 

7. Consent Agenda
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President

The school board shall use a consent agenda (Policy #0166.1) to keep routine matters. By a single motion, the Board approves/adopts the following items or actions which reflect application of School Board Policy and/or Indiana Code. Any items marked "Consent" may be removed from the agenda by a Board Member or the Superintendent.


Mr. May made a motion to approve the following Consent Agenda Items:

1. Minutes of the September 20, 2021 and October 4, 2021 meetings; 

2. Claims;

3. The following personnel items: 


Brenda Schoenlein, MVMS Teacher Robotics/STEM


Recommendation for Temporary Wage Increase for Kaitlyn Zelepugas

Recommendation for Pay Scale Adjustments for Secretaries and Treasurers

Donna Archer, MES Cafeteria Prep Cook/Server

Victoria Walker, MVHS Cafeteria Prep Cook/Server

Linda Darlene Devoe, MVMS Cafeteria Prep Cook/Server

Michael Teel, MCE Permanent Building Substitute

Renitha Meyer, FES IA High Intensity

Mary Wolfe, MMP Part-Time IA

Breanna Johnson, MCE Custodian

Natalie Tucker, Transportation Bus Driver

Alexa Hayes, MCE Special Education Instructional Assistant


Kimberly Nix, MMPS Instructional Assistant

Wendy Rosner, MES Media Assistant

Teresa Boucher, MCE Resource Instructional Assistant

Ashley Bowman, MCE Custodian

Lisa Lindman, MVMS Instructional Assistant


Eric Riggs, Admin Custodian to MVMS Custodian

Tammy Parson, MVHS Custodian to Admin Custodian

Nancy Price, FES Instructional Assistant to MES Media Assistant


Allison Hillebrand, FES Elementary Music ECA

Deb McEvers, FES Elementary Music ECA

Brandon Taylor, MVMS 6th Grade Boys Assistant Basketball 

Patrick Crouch, MVMS Team Leader for United Arts


Jeannine Carder, Leave of Absence (August 24, 2021 till undetermined)

Stephanie Stanley, Leave of Absence (October 12, 2021 to December 17, 2021)

Emily Cronk, Leave of Absence Request to extend leave to December 17, 2021

Teran Strickland, Leave of Absence (December 2, 2021 to May 26, 2022)

Nicole Allen, Leave of Absence (September 10, 2021 to undetermined)

Kristina McCoskey, Leave of Absence (October 22, 2021 to January 14, 2022)

4. Fortville Elementary Donation Request;

5. Construction Claims.

Mr. Edwards seconded and the motion carried 5-0.


7.1 Regular Session Minutes

7.2 Claims

Board Claims

7.3 Personnel Report

7.4 Overnight Field Trip Request

7.5 Request to Accept Donation

7.6 Construction Claims

8. Action Items
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President

8.1 Approval of MCE Traffic & Parking Project Contract
Mr. Greg Elkins, Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Elkins reminded the board at last month's board meeting they had given approval for Verkler for the Mt. Comfort Traffic and Parking Project, as well as authorization to sign a contract with them for that project.  Mr. Elkins therefore asked for approval of that traffic and parking contract.  

Mrs. Walls made a motion to approve the Mt. Comfort Traffic & Parking Project Contract, Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried 5-0.


9. Board Member Reports
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President


Mt. Vernon Education Foundation - Mr. Gray reported there was nothing new to report since last month.

Hancock Co. RDC - Mr. May stated he was not able to attend the most recent meeting. Dr. Parker did participate, which was a virtual meeting last Thursday. He stated they are doing well. It was noted that money is tight for the next couple of of years, but should open up after that.

Cumberland RDC - Mrs. Freeman stated they are set to meet next week. 

McCordsville RDC - Mrs. Walls  stated she was not able to attend, but they had reviewed the economic plan.

Fortville RDC -  Mr. Edward stated they have not met since the last board meeting.    

10. Announcements
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent


Dr. Parker stated everyone is excited to report back after fall break.  He shared that the number of quarantined students is way down since the most recent executive order, which had changed some of the rules in regards to contact tracing and quarantining. We started the year with each Covid case quarantining around 14 students and are down to less than 1-3 students now.  Most students are now participating in in-person learning. Teachers efforts are much less diffused and they have been able to catch up. He stated that while we cannot control the spread of Covid in our community, we are doing a really good job in the schools with all of our communication and cleaning strategies. Dr. Parker stated we have a lot to celebrate with the fact that so many more students are staying in school now. 

11. Adjournment
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President


Mr. Edwards  made a motion to adjourn at 7:41, Mrs. Walls seconded, and the motion carried 5-0.