Board of School Trustees Meeting

1. Reception for Academic Wall of Fame Inductees and School Board Scholars (5:30 PM)

2. Invocation/Pledge of Allegiance (6:55 PM)
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President

3. Public Hearing on Project and Additional Appropriation (7:00 PM)
Mr. Chris Smedley, Chief Financial Officer

4. Call to Order
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President

Emergency Procedures

5. Adoption of the Agenda
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President

6. Reports
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent

6.1 Recognition of Retirees
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent

2019 Retirees:

Mr. Stan Daugherty, Director of Alternative Education  (3 years at Mt. Vernon, 43 years total in education)

Mrs. Candy Downey, Bus Driver  (32 years)

Mrs. Beverly White, HS Cafeteria  (14 years)

6.2 Good News
Mrs. Maria Bond, Communications Director

6.3 Spotlight on Schools
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent

Mrs. Stephanie Miller, Principal - McCordsville Elementary School

Spotlight on Schools - McCordsville Elementary

7. Public Comments Regarding Agenda Items
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President

0167.3 - Public Participation at Board Meetings
May only address items listed in the agenda
Must be recognized by presiding officer.
Must provide name, address, and group affiliation, if and when appropriate
Limited to 3 minutes duration
All statements shall be directed to the presiding officer; no person may address or question Board members individually

8. Consent Agenda
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President

The school board shall use a consent agenda (Policy #0166.1) to keep routine matters. By a single motion, the Board approves/adopts the following items or actions which reflect application of School Board Policy and/or Indiana Code. Any items marked "Consent" may be removed from the agenda by a Board Member or the Superintendent.


8.1 Executive Session Minutes

8.2 Regular Session Minutes

8.3 Claims

8.4 Personnel Report

8.5 Overnight Field Trip Request

8.6 Request to Accept Donation

9. Action Items
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent

9.1 Adopt Project & Additional Appropriation Resolutions

9.2 Adopt Final Bond Resolution (including appointment of bid committee to receive bond bids)
Mr. Chris Smedley, Chief Financial Officer

9.3 Adopt Resolution Approving Amended and Restated Post-Issuance Compliance Procedures

9.4 Request to Accept Bid for MVHS Tennis Courts
Mr. Derek Shelton, Director of Operations

9.5 Request Approval to Put Supplemental Local Tax Income in Rainy Day Fund

9.6 Policy Updates/Revisions - Second Reading

9.7 Request to Establish Cash Drawers

9.8 Request to Approve Health Service Handbooks

9.9 Request to Destroy Records

MVHS Athletic Department Records 

9.10 Request to Approve 2019-2020 Lunch Prices

9.11 Request to Approve the Contract Award for Group Purchasing Organization/Distributor

9.12 Request to Approve Dairy Bid for 2019-2020 School Year

10. Board Member Reports
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President

11. Announcements
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent

12. Adjournment
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President