Board of School Trustees Meeting

1. Reception for Academic Wall of Fame Inductees and School Board Scholars (5:30 PM)

In the Alumni Center


A reception was held in the Alumni Center at 5:30 p.m. to honor 2019 Academic Wall of Fame Inductees and 2019 School Board Scholars.  The following students were honored:



Spelling Bee Champion:                                              Elijah Lemmon                       

Addition T-Race Champion:                                        Elijah Lemmon

Multiplication T-Race Champion:                                Brody Lockwood


Spelling Bee Champion:                                              Eden Coleman

Geography Champion:                                                 Luke Wilson   

Addition T-Race Champion:                                        Ayden Cassetty           

Multiplication T-Race Champion                                 Brady Webber


Spelling Bee Champion:                                              Mason Meyer

Addition T-Race Champion:                                        Jacob Dalle Ave

Multiplication T-Race Champion                                 Gabby Thomas


Spelling Bee Champion:                                              Katie Gue

Geography Bee Champion:                                          Daniel Barnes


Valedictorian:                                                              Keian Gatewood                     

Salutatorian:                                                                 Dylan Cole

State Champion Academic Team                                 Fine Arts Academic Super Bowl Team

                                                                                    Jennifer Sherbak, Coach

                                                Members:  Sophie Frank, Alyson Godwin, Sydney Godwin and Joan Lee

School Board Scholar Five Times or More:

  Paige Boxberger (7)                             Dylan Cole  (8)                                    Nathan Conway  (5)

Keian Gatewood  (9)                           Blake Johnson  (5)                   Joan Lee  (6)

Emme Longman  (6)                            Sam McCarty  (5)                    Madalyn Mull  (7)

Ellie Roach  (6)                                   Ryan Strantz  (6)                       ( ) yrs. as a scholar



Anthony Crosby  (1)

Cooper Hunziker  (2)


Taylor Bastin  (1)

Jake Hankley  (1)

Ryan Kroemer  (1)

Breanna Laffey (1)

Makenna Laffey  (1)

Ethan Lear  (1)

Elijah Lemmon (1)

Addy Noesges  (2)

Jackson Orr  (1)

Jordan Orr  (1)

Lillian Quinn  (1)

Tyler Ralstin  (1)

Jacqueline Reilly  (1)

Aiden Stiff  (1)

Leah Wisker  (1)


Madeleine Bridenthal  (1)

Tate Cougill  (2)

Aubry Dowling  (2)

Izabella Jones  (1)

Colin Smith  (2) 

Brady Webber  (1)


Xander Allen  (1)

Dawson Anderson  (4)

Dylan Anderson  (1)

Ainsley Baer  (1)

Daniel Barnes  (1)

Kristen Beaty  (3)

Aysha Bennett  (1)

Lael Bickham  (1)

Maliyah Chavez  (1)

Erica Conley  (1)

Lillianna Fronek  (2)

Emma Gale  (2)

Elise Gawrys  (4)

Katherine Gue  (1)

Kylie Huczko  (1)

Victoria Jenson  (3)

Olivia Johnson  (3)

Ava Lusby  (1)

Emersyn Lusby  (1)

Tatum Mastin  (1)

Ellery Minch  (1)

Kayleigh Moran  (3)

Samantha Mrnak  (1)

Claire Nicklin  (1)

Ava Pershing  (1)

Emma Rappe’  (1)

Regan Ralstin  (3)

Shelby Reese  (1)

Jackson Rhoad  (1)

Noah Scott  (1)

Lily Sexton  (1)

Michael Shearer  (1)

Luke Shelton  (2)

Evie Skene  (3)

Ava Sterrett  (1)

Claire Story  (1)

Torrin Strange  (1)

Dawson Wagner  (1)

Kalin Wallpe  (1)

Joseph Wilson  (5)

Ethan Woo  (1)

Seth Woolston  (2)

Vurvian Woolston  (1)


Evan Barr  (1)

Mandy Bechman  (5)

Kayden Bensheimer  (3)

Clare Bielefeld  (2)

Jazlynn Bitner  (1)

Kendal Bowman  (1)

Paige Boxberger  (7)

Vicky Chen  (3)

Dylan Cole  (8)

Nathan Conway  (5)

James Demircioglu  (1)

Isaac Damer  (1)

Abigail Dostalek  (1)

Ben Dostalek  (1)

Tony Fleming  (5)

Brianna Franke  (2)

Keian Gatewood  (9)

Destiny Huber  (2)

Kiley Hunziker  (5)

Riley Hurst  (2)

Blake Johnson  (5)

Brenna Lechner  (1)

Joan Lee  (6)

Emme Longman  (6)

Shiloh McFarland  (7)

Seth Morrison  (6)

Madalyn Mull  (7)

Vivian Ortiz  (1)

Madalyn Owen  (7)

Ellie Roach  (6)

Nathaniel Rush  (1)

Ryan Strantz  (6)

Lillian Woolston  (2)

Olivia Yeley  (7)

( ) Years as a scholar





2. Invocation/Pledge of Allegiance (6:55 PM)
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President


The invocation was given by Shannon Walls.

3. Public Hearing on Project and Additional Appropriation (7:00 PM)
Mr. Chris Smedley, Chief Financial Officer


Pursuant to IC 20-26-7, before a school corporation finances more than $1,000,000 to building, repair or alter a school building, it must hold a hearing at which explanations of the potential value of the project to the School Corporation and community are given.  Mr. Smedley opened the 1728 Public Hearing and asked if there were any comments from the public.  There were none.  Mrs. Freeman made a motion to close the hearing. Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.

The School Corporation is funding this Project through the issuance of general obligation bonds.  The proceeds from this bond issue must be appropriated prior to being spent on the project.  Notice of this hearing was advertised in the Greenfield Daily Reporter on May 28, 2019 as required by Indiana code.   Mr. Smedley opened the Public Hearing and asked if there were any comments from the public.  There were none.  Mrs. Freeman made a motion to close the hearing.  Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.  

Mr. Smedley stated he would be requesting approval of several Resolutions regarding this bond issue later in the meeting. 


4. Call to Order
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President

Emergency Procedures


The Mt. Vernon Community School Board of Trustees held a meeting at 7:00 pm in the Administrative Service Center.

5. Adoption of the Agenda
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President


Mrs. Freeman made a motion to adopt the agenda as presented.  Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.


6. Reports
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent


Dr. Parker stated there were a couple of reports.

6.1 Recognition of Retirees
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent

2019 Retirees:

Mr. Stan Daugherty, Director of Alternative Education  (3 years at Mt. Vernon, 43 years total in education)

Mrs. Candy Downey, Bus Driver  (32 years)

Mrs. Beverly White, HS Cafeteria  (14 years)


Dr. Parker announced the 2019 Retirees:  Mr. Stan Daugherty, Mrs. Candy Downey, and Mrs. Beverly White.  Mr.  Daugherty was in attendance.  Dr. Parker thanked him for his many years of service.


6.2 Good News
Mrs. Maria Bond, Communications Director


Dr. Parker, on behalf of Mrs. Bond, shared the following Good News:

1.  MVHS received an All-Music Award from ISSMA for the first time in history.  Both the choir and band must receive specific distinctions to receive this award.  They are one of the 14 high schools in Indiana to receive this prestigious award.

2.  MVHS Class of 2019 had approximately 298 students out of 312 walk to receive their diploma.  Seniors also participated in the "Marauder Mile" high-fiving students K-8 through each school, as well as a senior work day with community service efforts focused on the Fortville campus.

3.  The Transportation Department once again had a perfect State of Indiana Bus Inspection.

4.  Lauren Hendrick, MES Teacher, was awarded the Make-a-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana's Educator of the Year.

5.  MVEF honored six Teachers of the Year and six Staff of the Year for their efforts and dedication. Congratulations to Deb Thomas of MVMS for being the MVCSC Teacher of the Year and Gwen Scrogham for being the MVCSC Staff of the Year.  They both also received the Ryan Fry Excellence in Education Award as well.

6.  FES 4th graders received personalized letters from their pen pal friends in Ansha, China. These relationships are a result from MVCSC's International Exchange Program.

7.  MV is offering 3 Kick-Off dates for the new "65+ Club" event pass.  In-district seniors can bring their documentation, have refreshments and meet Dr. Parker at any of the event dates (June 27, July 16 & July 24) at the Administration Building.

8.  WTHR Channel 13 covered MES's Kindy 500.

6.3 Spotlight on Schools
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent

Mrs. Stephanie Miller, Principal - McCordsville Elementary School

Spotlight on Schools - McCordsville Elementary


Mrs. Stephanie Miller, Principal at McCordsville Elementary, gave a presentation spotlighting her school.  She began by stating current enrollment at MES is 580.  ISTEP+ Data shows that in 2015-16, MES was at 56% pass rate, up to 66% in 2016-17 and 71.7% in 2017-18.  In 2015-2016 MES was given a "D" letter grade (67.5 pts.) from DOE, up to an "A" letter grades in 2016-17 (90.5 pts.-up 23 pts.) and remaining an "A" in 2017-18 (102.3 pts.-up 11.8 pts).  IREAD percentages of passing have gone from 85.4% in 2015-16 to 95% in 2016-17 to 95.7% passing rate in 2017-18.m  Mrs. Miller then went on to the Why and Hows of this information and growth which include recognition of our weaknesses and focus on our strengths; staff changes; focus on priority standards including RtI process and MTSS, addition of a social worker, community based therapist and an assistant principal; consistent positive attitudes and meaningful professional development.

Other good and fun things happening at MES are student involvement and community outreach; an awesome Veteran's Day Program; 4th Grade Wax Museum to learn about Indiana History; Kindy 500; amazing professional development; Spring Fling; Father/Daughter Dance; Student of the Month, Field Day and a phenomenal PTO.




7. Public Comments Regarding Agenda Items
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President

0167.3 - Public Participation at Board Meetings
May only address items listed in the agenda
Must be recognized by presiding officer.
Must provide name, address, and group affiliation, if and when appropriate
Limited to 3 minutes duration
All statements shall be directed to the presiding officer; no person may address or question Board members individually


There were no public comments.

8. Consent Agenda
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President

The school board shall use a consent agenda (Policy #0166.1) to keep routine matters. By a single motion, the Board approves/adopts the following items or actions which reflect application of School Board Policy and/or Indiana Code. Any items marked "Consent" may be removed from the agenda by a Board Member or the Superintendent.



Mr. May made a motion to accept:

1. The May 20, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes; 

2.  Claims;

3.  Request from the MVHS Boys Track & Field Team to attend IHSAA State Finals May 30-31, 2019 at Indiana University and MVHS Biology Teacher Dennis Mitchel's request to take a group of students on a Spring Break Trip in 2020 (destination to be announced);

4.  The following personnel items:


Latosha Johnson, FES Teacher

Ashley Stewart - MCE Teacher

Derek Sumpter - MVMS Teacher


Greg Roach - MVHS Summer School Director

Stacy Muffler - MVHS Summer School Assistant Director

Amanda Ruble - MVHS Summer School Economics Teacher

Kristi Scherer/Danielle Stindle - MVHS Summer School English Teachers

Tammy Bauchert - MVHS Summer School Health Teacher

Kim Clark - MVHS Summer School Math Teacher

Sarah Weaver - MVHS Summer School P.E. Teacher

Wendy Trissel, Alex LeBoeuf, Cindy Smith, Duwain Boss, Desiray Scalf, Brydgette Manship and Byron Simpson - MVHS Summer School Resource Teachers

Chad Soden - MVHS Summer School U.S. Government Teacher

Lindsey Crow, Nicole Johnson, Lee Larkins and Kacie Grimm - MVHS Summer School Counselors

Scott Shipley - Job Title Change from Director of Secondary Curriculum  to Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Greg Roach - Coordinator of Alternative Education

Cary Hargis - MVCSC Facilities Coordinator - Recommendation to extend contract through June 30, 2020

Heidi Kensinger - FES 1st Grade Teacher

Casey Dodd - MVHS Principal

Greg Elkins - MVCSC Chief Financial Officer


O’Dell McKee - Bus Driver

Lindsey Knight - MES Instructional Assistant

Madison Craig - Mini-Marauder Preschool Instructional Assistant

Kristy Lapham - MCE Instructional Assistant

Crystal Hendrix - FES Instructional Assistant

Kelli Ellett - MVMS Instructional Assistant

Avery Bovard - Mini-Marauder Preschool Instructional Assistant

Maria Hoseclaw - Mini-Marauder Preschool Instructional Assistant

Ellie Roach - Mini-Marauder Preschool Instructional Assistant

Amy Gilmore - MVMS Attendance Secretary


Madison King - Communications Intern

Gage Bailey - IT Summer Assistant

Nathan Murphy - IT Summer Assistant

Desiree Sitton - IT Summer Assistant

Neani Powe - IT Summer Assistant

Connor Hoffman - IT Summer Assistant

Jaden Cappelletti - IT Summer Assistant

Kaysha Gillard - IT Summer Assistant

Kay Burdine, Carla Nugent, Teresa McGow-Russell and Jenny Campbell, Building Treasurers - Extend Number of Days Worked from 195 to 198 per school year.


Retroactive 2018-2019 School Year - Lisa Buchanan from Fortville Elementary to Mt. Vernon High School  - Essential Skills Classroom

Cristina Kreigh - Instructional Assistant - Transfer from Mini-Maruader Preschool to McCordsville Elementary


Josh Miller, MVMS Boys’ Assistant Track Coach

Derek Sumpter - MVMS Junior Math Academic Super Bowl Team Coach

Ryan Carr - MVHS Head Baseball Coach


Mt. Vernon Middle School Team Leaders for 2019-2020:  Amanda Hill, Lisa Pluckebaum, Laurie Gwaltney, Jenny Buchta, Bonnie Stites, Deb Thomas, Kelly Diehl, Jill Stewart, Jeff Crague, Marissa Salasky, and Krissy Monagle

Jackie Nason - MVHS Summer Band Director for the summer of 2018

Leigh Anderson - MVHS Vocal Music for the 2018-2019 school year


Casie Medvescek - MCE Teacher Maternity Leave (July 29, 2019-October 4, 2019)

Brandy Bell - FES Teacher FMLA (Beginning May 6, 2019 to undetermined)

Jessica Daugherty - FES Teacher FMLA (Beginning May 20, 2019 to undetermined)

Leah Barrow - MVHS Teacher Maternity Leave (August 26, 2019 - November 15, 2019)

Mrs. Freeman seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.

Dr. Parker introduced new CFO Greg Elkins who comes to Mt. Vernon from Blackford County Schools where he was an Assistant Superintendent/Business Manager.  Mr. Elkins introduced his wife Rebecca who is a French Teacher for Shelbyville Schools.  Mr. Elkins stated he was excited to be on board at Mt. Vernon and thank everyone for the opportunity. 

Dr. Parker also introduced new MVHS Principal Casey Dodd who has been Principal at Mt. Comfort Elementary for the past two years and before that a teacher at the middle and high schools. 



8.1 Executive Session Minutes

8.2 Regular Session Minutes

8.3 Claims

8.4 Personnel Report

8.5 Overnight Field Trip Request

8.6 Request to Accept Donation

9. Action Items
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent

9.1 Adopt Project & Additional Appropriation Resolutions
Mr. Chris Smedley, Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Smedley presented the Project Resolution which establishes the estimated costs of the project, the tax impact and the timing of the impact.  The estimated costs associated with the $2,000,000 G.O. Bond Proceeds include:

$150,000 - Cost of Issuance (consulting & service fees for Ice Miller, Stifel, CSO and Lewis & Kappas)

$825,000 - Removal and reconstruction of tennis courts at MVHS

$250,000 - Technology needs: Teacher desktops, desktops for HS labs, security cameras at MCE & MVMS

$775,000 - Energy Savings Measures:  LED lighting at MVHS, temperature controls at FES, etc.

Maximum tax rate for bond is 5%, with the first payment due July, 2020.  This bond replaces our current bond which comes off in 2019. 

Mrs. Freeman made a motion to approve the Project Resolution as presented. Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.

Mr. Smedley presented the Additional Appropriation Resolution which approves the appropriation of the bond proceeds to be spent on the project costs before any bond money can be expended. 

Mrs. Freeman made a motion to approve the Additional Appropriation Resolution as presented.  Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.






9.2 Adopt Final Bond Resolution (including appointment of bid committee to receive bond bids)
Mr. Chris Smedley, Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Smedley presented the Final Bond Resolution which establishes the amount to be borrowed, maximum term of repayment and maximum interest rate. It also contains the details about the bond.  The resolution authorizes the publication of the Notice of Sale of the Bonds and establishes the maximum cost an underwriter or bank may bid for the bonds.  It also establishes a bid committee who will award the bonds to the lowest bidder.  This resolution also approves the form of the Master Continuing Disclosure Undertaking, First Supplement to Master Continuing Disclosure Undertaking and the Registrar and Paying Agent Agreement.  The Securities and Exchange Commission requires that a school corporation enter into a Master Continuing Disclosure Undertaking before it issues bonds.  The School Corporation has entered into this type of agreement previously.  It basically requires that the School Corporation agree to annually provide certain types of financial information to the SEC's EMMA database and provide notice of certain material events on a timely basis.

Mrs. Freeman made a motion to approve the Final Bond Resolution as presented.  Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.

9.3 Adopt Resolution Approving Amended and Restated Post-Issuance Compliance Procedures
Mr. Chris Smedley, Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Smedley presented the Resolution Approving Amended and Restated Post-Issuance Compliance Procedures.  This resolution  deals with the updates to the federal law requirements for security and tax purposes with the Security Exchange Commission and IRS.  It basically states that we are going to spend the bond money and what we have listed to spend it on.

Mr. May made a motion to approve the Resolution Approving Amended and Restated Post-Issuance Compliance Procedures as presented.  Mrs. Freeman seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.


9.4 Request to Accept Bid for MVHS Tennis Courts
Mr. Derek Shelton, Director of Operations


Mr. Shelton reported that three bids were received for the MVHS Tennis Court Replacement Project.  After reviewing each bid, he is recommending the approval of the bid submitted by Ace Paving for $715,250.  

Mrs. Freeman made a motion to accept the bid from Ace Paving as presented.  Mr. May seconded.

Mrs. Freeman asked if the bid amount covered the entire project.  Mr. Shelton stated yes it did.  If accepted, he hopes for work to begin as early as the next day.  Part of the scope of the project was to request the work be done by August.  That is not going to happen, but Mr. Shelton feels that getting the job done right is more important than meeting that August date.  Brandon Ecker is looking at places to hold tennis meets until the project is completed with the hope that it will be complete in time for Tennis Sectionals.

The motion passed 3-0.



9.5 Request Approval to Put Supplemental Local Tax Income in Rainy Day Fund
Mr. Chris Smedley, Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Smedley reported that Mt Vernon was notified by the County Auditor we have been awarded supplemental income tax in the amount of $67,847.00.  He proposes that it be put in the Rainy Day Fund.  

Mrs. Freeman made a motion to approve putting the Supplemental Local Tax Income in the Rainy Day Fund.  Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.


9.6 Policy Updates/Revisions - Second Reading


Dr. Parker presented 2nd Reading of the following policy updates/revisions.  Twelve of the policies are from Church, Church, Hittle & Antrim and one from NEOLA.

3213    Student Supervision and Welfare;  8121  Personal Background Checks, References & Mandatory Report of Convictions of Substantiated Child Abuse and Arrest;  8310  Public Records Act;  2410  Auto Recording;  5341  Emergency Medical;  5530  Drug Prevention;  5600  Student Discipline;  5630.01  Seclusion and Restraint;  5840  Criminal Activity;  8510  Wellness;  8800  Religious Ceremony;  8431  Chemical Management and Preparedness for Toxic Asbestos Hazard; and 8500 Food Service Program.

Mrs. Freeman made a motion to approve the policy updates/revisions.  Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.




9.7 Request to Establish Cash Drawers


Mr. May made a motion to approve requests from building treasurers Lisa Tappy (MVHS), Kay Burdine (MVMS), Carla Nugent (FES), and Teresa McGow-Russell (MCE) to establish cash boxes for the 2019-2020 school year.  Mrs. Freeman seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.


9.8 Request to Approve Health Service Handbooks


Mr. Smedley stated last month all the individual school handbooks were approved, but felt there needed to be a separate Health Service Handbook as opposed to just a section in the school handbooks.   MVCSC Corporation Nurse Tracy Furnas presented the High School  and K-8 Health Services Handbooks, per the attached, to be more in line with our by-laws.   She went and cleaned them all up and they will be hyperlinked in all the student handbooks.  They are a reference for parents to make them aware of Mt. Vernon's procedures and expectations for them when it comes to sick students.  Mrs. Freeman thanked her for her work on this.

Mrs. Freeman made a motion to accept the Health Services Handbooks as presented.  Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.

9.9 Request to Destroy Records

MVHS Athletic Department Records 


Mrs. Freeman made a motion to approve the request to destroy records received from Patty Calder, MVHS Athletic Secretary.  These are records that are no longer required to be kept.  Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.

9.10 Request to Approve 2019-2020 Lunch Prices


Mr. Smedley presented, on behalf of Doris Johnson, Food Service Director, the recommended lunch prices for 2019-2020 per the following:

MVHS $3.05; Elementary/Preschool $2.95; Adult $3.60; Student Breakfast $1.65; Adult Breakfast $2.00; and Extra Milk $0.50.

Mr. May made a motion to approve the 2019-2020 school lunch prices.  Mrs. Freeman seconded, and the motion carried 3-0. 


9.11 Request to Approve the Contract Award for Group Purchasing Organization/Distributor


Mr. Smedley presented, on behalf of Doris Johnson, Food Service Director, a request to approve the Contract Award for Group Purchasing Organization/Distributor.  This recommendation is to establish a contract with a Group Purchasing Organization/Distributor to procure food, supplies and materials and to provide information and services for the Food & Nutrition programs of member districts belonging to the Food2School Purchasing Cooperative.

Mrs. Freeman made a motion to accept the Contract Award for Group Purchasing Organization/Distributor.  Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.


9.12 Request to Approve Dairy Bid for 2019-2020 School Year


Mr. Smedley presented, on behalf of Doris Johnson, Food Service Director, the bid from Prairie Farms Dairy as our milk/dairy supplier for the 2019-2020 school year, per the attached.  Prairie Farms was the only bid received.

Mrs. Freeman made a motion to accept the recommendation for Prairie Farms as our milk/dairy supplier for the 2019-2020 school year. Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried 3-0.


10. Board Member Reports
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President


1.  Fortville RDC:  Mr. May reported they will meet later this week.

2.  Cumberland RDC:  Mrs. Freeman reported no meeting was held.

3.  McCordsville RDC:  Mrs. Walls reported they held their annual meeting, required by state statute, going over what the RDC does, what a TIF District is, etc.  She showed a copy of Indianapolis Monthly that featured McCordsville in a recent edition.  It stated the #1 reason to move to McCordsville is the Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation. 


11. Announcements
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent


Dr. Parker announced that the first set of interviews for the Mt. Comfort Elementary Principal opening will be held on June 24, 2019.  Ten parents and twenty-two staff members from Mt. Comfort will assist board members and cabinet members in the interviews.

Principals and Central Office Administrators recently attended the PLC Conference last week in St. Charles, Missouri.  





12. Adjournment
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President


Mrs. Freeman made a motion to adjourn at 7:43 p.m.  Mr. May seconded, and the motion carried