Board of School Trustees Meeting

1. Executive Session (4:30 PM)


The Mt. Vernon School Board of Trustees held an Executive Session at the Administrative Service Center prior to the regular meeting.

2. Invocation/Pledge of Allegiance (6:55 PM)
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President

Callie Runyan, 8th Grade Campus Life Member


The invocation was given by Callie Runyan, 8th grade Campus Life member.

3. Call to Order (7:00 PM)
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President


The Mt. Vernon School Board of Trustees held a meeting at 7:01 p.m. in the Administrative Service Center.



4. Adoption of the Agenda
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President


Mrs. Freeman made a motion to adopt the agenda as presented.  Mr. McCarty seconded, and the motion carried 4-0.

5. Reports
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent


Dr. Parker announced there were a couple of reports.

5.1 Good News
Mrs. Maria Bond, Communications Director


Dr. Parker, on behalf of Mrs. Bond, shared the following Good News:

1.  Over 50 in-district residents 65+ have taken advantage of the offer to be a part of the 65+ Club so far.

2.  Several MVHS AP Courses have had notable success on the rigorous AP Exam; a few of the noteworthy success stories include Stats, Spanish and U.S. History.

3.  MVHS student Casey Cornelius and new alumnus Devan Skaggs became state champs at the IN Bass National HS State Finals and Anglers of the Year in their age group.

4.  The MVMS Counseling Department received the Indiana Gold Star School Counseling Award from the IDOE.  

5.  MVMS received the Special Olympics Indiana 50th Anniversary Gold Banner Award for their efforts and leadership pursuing inclusion for all students.

5.2 1st Grade Report Card Update
Mr. Scott Shipley, Director of Secondary Education
5 minutes


Mr. Shipley reported that 56 teachers from all three elementary schools collaborated working to identify priority standards and essential learnings and items we wanted to prioritize with our curriculum.  During the process, first grade teachers expressed a strong desire to make changes to the first grade report card to better meet student and parent needs.  The current report card is a standard based report card four pages long and the report card they drafted with the changes requested will be two pages long, just like the kindergarten report card, dialing in essential learnings. 





6. Public Comments Regarding Agenda Items
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President

0167.3 - Public Participation at Board Meetings
May only address items listed in the agenda
Must be recognized by presiding officer.
Must provide name, address, and group affiliation, if and when appropriate
Limited to 3 minutes duration
All statements shall be directed to the presiding officer; no person may address or question Board members individually


There were none.

7. Consent Agenda
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President

The school board shall use a consent agenda (Policy #0166.1) to keep routine matters. By a single motion, the Board approves/adopts the following items or actions which reflect application of School Board Policy and/or Indiana Code. Any items marked "Consent" may be removed from the agenda by a Board Member or the Superintendent.


Mr. McCarty made a motion to approve the following items:

1.  The June 17, 2019 Regular Board Meeting Minutes;

2.  Claims;

3.  Recommendation for 2020-2021 Administrators' Contract; 

4.  The following overnight field trips:  a) 8th Grade Washington D.C. and Gettysburg Trip April 29-May 2, 2020;  b) 8th Grade to Kings Island June 2, 2020; 7th Grade Trip to Chicago May 15, 2020; 6th Grade Trip to Louisville, KY April 3, 2020; 

5.  Request to accept $768.00 from the NRA Foundation for the MVHS Trap Club to fund targets for the club;

6.  Request from MVHS Boys' and Girls' Tennis Teams to develop a Go Fund Me Page to build a tennis house for all equipment and for players to store their personal belongings along with an outdoor covered tennis pavilion for dinners, gatherings, etc.;

7.  The following personnel items:




Anna Stover, MES 3rd Grade Teacher 

Rose Dowden, MES 3rd Grade Teacher

Mitzi Stephens, Physical Therapist

Alissa Lockwood, MCE Principal and District TI Coordinator

Stacy Muffler, FES Principal

Lynnea Case, MVMS Assistant Principal

Heather Bates, MVMS 8th Gr. Math Teacher

Courtney Stroup, MVMS 8th Gr. ELA Teacher


Ian Hanssen, Essential Skills Instructional Assistant

Jasmine Bellamy, MES Fish Room Instructional Assistant

 Jordan Crippin, FES Instructional Assistant

Nathaniel Rockhill, Bus Driver


Gwen Scrogham, Administrative Assistant, Move to Salaried Position


Rene Hammett, From Sub Bus Driver to Full-Time Bus Driver

Thomas Bowman, From Sub Bus Driver to Full-Time Bus Driver


Brianna Reeder, MVMS Spell Bowl, LA Academic Team and Student Council Sponsor

Kittie Masters, MVMS Spelling Bee and Geography Bee Sponsor

Deb Thomas, MVMS Geography Bee Sponsor and Academic Teams Director 

Dan Brown, MVMS Video Club Sponsor

Brenda Schoenlein, MVMS Robotics Club Sponsor

Mark Douglass, MVMS Robotics Club Sponsor

Patrick Crouch, MVMS Coding Club, Tutor Coordinator and Student Council Sponsor

Camille Hull, MVMS Yearbook Club Sponsor

D’Lee Rush, MVMS FCCLA Sponsor

Marissa Salasky, MVMS NJHS Sponsor

Dean Falkenberg, Talent Show Sponsor

Christina Halcomb, MVMS Dance Team Sponsor

Gwen Perkins, Science Academic Team Sponsor

Stephen Day, MVMS Jazz/Pep Band and Summer School Band

Jill Stewarat, MVMS Choir ECA

Eric Harnish, MVMS Student Council Sponsor

Christina Halcomb, MVMS Dance Team Coach for the 2018-2019 School Year

Jerry Grill, MVHS Assistant Baseball Coach

Shane Douglas, MVHS Freshman Baseball Coach

Ben Rhoades, MVHS Head Boys’ Basketball Coach

Nate Bingham, MVHS Assistant Boys’ Basketball Coach

Kean Coy, MVHS Freshman Boys’ Basketball Coach, Assistant Cross Country Coach and Head Girls’ Track Coach

Julie Shelton, MVHS Head Girls’s Basketball Coach

Tom Kirby, MVHS Assistant Girls’ Basketball Coach

Kim Clark, MVHS Reserve Girls’ Basketball Coach, Assistant Softball Coach and Reserve Volleyball Coach

Jessica Brown, MVHS Freshman Girls’ Basketball Coach

Jordan Sell, MVHS Head Cheerleading Coach (Fall) and Assistant Coach (Winter Stipend)

Ashley Witt, MVHS Assistant Cheerleading Coach (Fall) and Assistant Coach (Winter Stipend)

Stacy Muffler, MVHS Cheerleading Volunteer

Bruce Kendall, MVHS Head Cross Country Coach and Head Boys’ Track Coach

Joel Harsin, MVHS Cross Country and Boys’ Track Volunteer 

Chris Hanson, MVHS Cross Country and Boys’ Track Volunteer

Beth Yeadon, MVHS Cross Country and Girls’ Track Volunteer

Joe Conway, MVHS Cross Country and Boys’ Track Volunteer

Ellen Jones, MVHS Head Dance Coach

Breane Thomas, MVHS Dance Volunteer

Aaron Shewman, MVHS Head Girls’ Golf Coach

Mike Kirschner, MVHS Head Football Coach

Chad Masters, MVHS Assistant Football Coach and Head Wrestling Coach

Vince Lidy, MVHS Reserve Football Coach

Toby Jacobs, MVHS Reserve Football Coach

Nick Clarkson, MVHS Freshman Assistant Football Coach and Assistant Boys’ Track Coach

Craig Finke, MVHS Football Volunteer

Brandon Duerksen, MVHS Football Volunteer

Matt Mayhew, MVHS Head Boys’ SoccerCoach

Chris Steeno, MVHS Assistant Boys’ Soccer Coach

Alex LeBoeuf, MVHS Assistant Boys’ Soccer Coach

Jarret Whitehouse, MVHS Boys’ Soccer Volunteer

Steve Williams, MVHS Head Girls’ Soccer Coach

Chad Soden, MVHS Assistant Girls’ Soccer Coach

Cliff Owens, MVHS Freshman Assistant Girls’ Soccer Coach

Krista Shockley, MVHS Girls’ Soccer Volunteer

Lauren Bradburn, MVHS Girls’ Soccer Volunteer

Veronica Kirby, MVHS Head Softball Coach

Mark Weaver, MVHS Assistant Softball Coach

Walt  Perry, MVHS Softball Volunteer

Brad Grieshop, MVHS Head Boys’ and Girls’ Swim Coach

Dixon Tierney, MVHS Assistant Boys’ Swim Coach

James Cochran, MVHS Assistant Girls’ Swim Coach

Gabe Muterspaugh, MVHS Head Girls’ Tennis Coach

Kayla Negley, MVHS Assistant Girls’ Tennis Coach

Byron Simpson, MVHS Assistant Boys’ Track Coach

Ashley Bryan, MVHS Assistant Girls’ Track Coach

Tania McNab, MVHS Assistant, Girls’ Track Coach

Alexandra Csiernik, MVHS Girls’ Track Volunteer 

Katie Stanfield, MVHS Girls’ Track Volunteer

Eric Bulmahn, MVHS Head Volleyball Coach

Monica Bulmahn, MVHS Volleyball Volunteer

Randal Hayes, MVHS Assistant Wrestling Coach

Brad Kerr, MVHS Assistant Wrestling Coach

Mitch Howard, MVHS Wrestling Volunteer

Ryan Garrity, MVHS Wrestling Volunteer

Jose Navarro, MVHS Wrestling Volunteer 

Michael Retherford, MVMS 8th Grade Head Baseball Coach

Matt Hankley, MVMS 7th Grade Head Baseball Coach

Andy Williams, MVMS 8th Grade Head Boys’ Basketball Coach

Drew Slentz, MVMS 8th Grade Assistant Boys’ Basketball Coach

P.J. O’Malley, MVMS 7th Grade Head Boys’ Basketball Coach

Dylan Freeman, MVMS 7th Grade Assistant Boys’ Basketball Coach

Ryan Rolland, MVMS 6th Grade Head Boys’ Basketball Coach

Mike Noe, MVMS 8th Grade Head Girls’ Basketball Coach

Mark Weaver, MVMS 8th Grade Assistant Girls’ Basketball Coach

Craig Jones, MVMS 7th Grade Head Girls’ Basketball Coach

Mark Elsbury, MVMS 7 th Grade Assistant Girls’ Basketball Coach

Kelly Diehl, MVMS 6th Grade Head Girls’ Basketball Coach and 7th Grade Head Softball Coach

John Collins, MVMS 6th Grade Assistant Girls’ Basketball Coach

Rachel Dinwiddie, MVMS Head Cheerleading Coach

Chelsea Pacheco, MVMS Assistant Cheerleading Coach

Kay Burdine, MVMS 6th Grade  Cheerleading Coach

Gwen Perkins, MVMS Boys’/Girls’ Head Cross Country Coach and Head Boys’ Track Coach

Amy Mozingo, MVMS Boys’/ Girls’ Head Cross Country Coach

Stephen Day, MVMS Golf Coach

Chuck DeGraff, MVMS 8th Grade Head Football Coach

Ron Roembke, MVMS 8th Grade Assistant Football Coach

Zach Holdeman, MVMS 8th Grade Assistant Football Coach

Brian Berhenn, MVMS 8th Grade Football and Track Volunteer

Eric Harnish, MVMS 7th Grade Head Football Coach

Matt Hankley, MVMS 7th Grade Assistant Football Coach

Jared Perkins, MVMS 7th Grade Assistant Football Coach

Nick Stadler, MVMS Head Boys’ Soccer Coach

Brian Boudouris, MVMS Head Girls’ Soccer Coach

Rick Tucker, MVMS Girls’ Soccer Volunteer

Anne Marie Keller, MVMS Head Swim Coach

Amber Crouch, MVMS Assistant Swim Coach

Andy Crouch, MVMS Swim Volunteer

Jennifer Zitani, MVMS Head Girls’ Track Coach and 7th Grade Head Volleyball Coach

Lori Labelle, MVMS Assistant Girls’ Track Coach

D’Lee Rush, MVMS Track Volunteer

Katie Stanfield, MVMS Track Volunteer

Ashley Bryan, MVMS 8th Grade Volleyball Coach

Heather Luther, MVMS Head Wrestling Coach

Andrew Mueller, MVMS Assistant Wrestling Coach

David Dobson, MVMS Assistant Wrestling Coach

Troy Everett, MVHS Super Bowl (Science) Coach for the 2018-2019 School Year

Mrs. Smith seconded. and the motion carried 4-0.


7.1 Executive Session Minutes

7.2 Regular Sessions Minutes

7.3 Claims

7.4 Personnel Report

7.5 Administrator's Contracts 2020-2021

7.6 Overnight Field Trip Request

7.7 Request to Accept Donation

7.8 Fundraiser Request

8. Action Items
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent

8.1 Policy Updates/Revisions - First Reading
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent

Policy #8510 - Wellness


Dr. Parker presented first reading of Policy 8510 Wellness.  He commended Assistant Food Service Director Nina Murzyn for all her hard work getting this ready to present to the board.  As this is a rough draft of the recommended changes, Mrs. Freeman asked if they could see a final version with all the changes.  Dr. Parker stated he would ask Ms. Murzyn to have one available to them at the next board meeting.



8.2 Recommendation for Energy Savings Provider
Mr. Chris Smedley, Assistant Superintendent
3 minutes


Mr. Smedley presented, on behalf of Mr. Shelton, a recommendation to use Emcor Group, Inc. as our energy savings provider for our Guaranteed Savings Contract.  He reminded board members that as part of the GO Bond Proposal, funds would be used to capture energy saving measures such as LED lighting, updated control systems throughout the district, etc.  Emcor Group, Inc. was the only bid submitted.  They will partner with Mt. Vernon to capture these energy savings and present at a future board meeting suggestions on how to accomplish this.  We have shared utility bills with them as a starting point.  

Mrs. Freeman questioned whether we will save more money then what we will be paying them.  Mr. Smedley responded, yes, that they will provide us with recommendations and then board members will decide how to allocate dollars from the GO Bond.  He recommended entering into an agreement with them to move forward with these recommendations.  Board members asked how much it would cost to enter into a contract with them.  Mr. Smedley stated he did not have an exact amount.

The recommendation was tabled until further information could be obtained as to the cost of the contract.  

8.3 MVMS Handbook Changes for 2019-2020
Mr. Ben Williams, Principal


Mt. Vernon Middle School Principal Ben Williams presented additional handbook changes for Student Health Services and changes in the school day time schedule.  Start time at the Middle School will now be 8:45 a.m. with dismissal at 3:45 p.m.  Students are not to report to the MVMS building until 8:15 a.m. every school day unless participating in a sanctioned club, team, or morning detention.  He feels this change is necessary due to transportation and supervision issues.  Students previously were arriving as early as 7:00 a.m. creating safety and supervision issues.  Previously the buses were picking up at the high school at 3:35 p.m. then scheduled to arrive at the middle school at 3:40 p.m.  This didn't always happen.  By dismissing five minutes later, this will give the buses extra time to come from the high school to the middle school. 

Mrs. Walls recommended communicating this change to parents immediately especially because of the early morning drop off time change.  Mr. Williams stated he has been sending out communications already.

Mrs. Freeman made a motion to accept these changes as presented.  Mr. McCarty seconded, and the motion carried 4-0.



Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board MemberX  
Mr. Tony May, Board Member   
Mr. Mike McCarty, Board MemberX  
Mrs. Beth Smith, Board MemberX  
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board PresidentX  

9. Board Member Reports
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President

Fortville RDC - Mr. Tony May

Cumberland RDC - Mrs. Kellie Freeman

Hancock Co. RDC - Mr. Mike McCarty

McCordsville RDC - Mrs. Shannon Walls

MVEF - Mrs. Beth Smith


1.  Mr. May was not present to give a report.

2.  Mrs. Freeman reported the Cumberland RDC did not meet.

3.  Mr. McCarty gave an update on the TIF district.  They have decreased the amount of TIF to 550N, so anything north of that is considered McCordsville.  South of that continues to grow, not sure what impact is.  They will keep us updated.  The Hancock RDC has plans to work on a strategic plan.  Mrs. Freeman asked if TIF is a certain number of years.  Mr. McCarty replied, usually ten, but have the power to extend.  

4.  Mrs. Walls reported that much of the McCordsville RDC meeting was reviewing applicants for the vacancy on the RDC.  Next month they plan to interview the top four candidates.

5.  Mrs. Smith reported that there are five vacancies on the MVEF board and they are looking for good applicants.  Upcoming dates:  September 15, 2019 Fundraiser at Top Golf.  This fundraiser will take the place of the golf scramble previously held each year.  MVEF Gala April 4, 2020.


10. Announcements
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent


Dr. Parker announced that he was very pleased that Alissa Lockwood was hired as the new Mt. Comfort Principal and Mr. Elkins started his third week at Mt. Vernon as CFO.

Dr. Parker distributed Community Champion cards to the board members.  He invited them to hand them out to folks asking them to become a part of the MV Community Champions a group being formed to discuss the future of our district for the next ten years.  MVCSC is asking community members to attend two evening meetings for one hour each on August 27, 2019 and January 21, 2020.  Dr. Parker would love to see 100 members in attendance. 



11. Adjournment
Mrs. Shannon Walls, Board President


Mr. McCarty made a motion to adjourn at 7:30 p.m.  Mrs. Smith seconded, and the motion carried 4-0.

Next regular board meeting is scheduled for August 19, 2019.