Mt. Vernon Board of School Trustees

1. Pledge of Allegiance (7:00 PM)
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President


Mrs. Freeman led the Pledge of Allegiance. 

2. Call to Order
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President


Mrs. Freeman called the meeting to order at 7pm.

3. Adoption of Agenda
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President


Dr. Parker commented there were updates to the Personnel Report. 

Mr. Edwards motioned to approve the agenda with the updated Personnel Report. Mrs. Walls second motion, motion carried 4-0.


4. Reports
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent

4.1 Good News
Mrs. Maria Bond, Director of Community Relations


Mrs. Maria Bond shared the following good news. .

School Accolades & Notable Activities

  • The Mt. Vernon Education Foundation raised $10,475 during their Day of Giving through some very generous sponsors. The campaign is still open until December 31.
  • The MVHS National Honor Society helped make 1,828 cheeseballs for the Psi Iota Xi’s annual cheeseball fundraiser, which provides three scholarships for seniors and also funds the summer speech clinic at Mt. Vernon.
  • Ms. Madeline Seghers, Music Teacher at FES, received a grant from Forum Credit Union to implement a cardio drumming curriculum in music class. 
  • Ms. Smigielski’s fifth grade class at MES created “Trick or Treat so Others Can Eat” persuasive flyers informing the community about homelessness and how to help solve the issue. Meijer provided the grocery bags for students to attach the flyer to as students collected items to donate to a local food shelter.
  • MVHS Student, Amelia Smith, has donated over 200 makeup bags with hygiene products for women in needs. She has helped numerous shelters in Marion and four surrounding counties. 
  • Fortville-Vernon Township Public Library sponsored the FES Lego Club recently, which had numerous participants who had a great time learning, exploring and playing.
  • Four MV schools celebrated Veterans Day by inviting veterans related to our students to come and enjoy a ceremony with personal messages of appreciation. Songs, Missing Man Table, veteran introductions and parades with students shouting “USA” as the veterans walked through made these celebrations fun for all.
  • MVHS Alumnus Gehrig Slunaker was named Mid-South Conference Offensive Freshman of the Year and Rylan Cole was named defensive player of the week again.
  • MVHS students Adam Koon and Kylie Brandes were named to an All-State Tennis team.
  • MVHS Tristan Trevino finished 5th place at IHSAA Semi-State and advanced to state finals.
  • MVHS Cheerleading became a Timeout State Finalist.
  • Hall of Fame Coach Julie Shelton has earned her 350th career win.
  • The MVHS athletes, coaches, FCCLA, Student Government, Gold Intensity Dance Team & Band of Marauders participated in the annual MVHS Athletic Boosters’ Track-or-Treat event hosting over 400 young costumed children.

Community Connections

  • We are grateful for the sponsorship of a new softball scoreboard and pitching machine from our partners at NineStar Connect, IBEW Local 1393 and USW Local 12213.
  • Thank you to NineStar for two Indianapolis Colts tickets that were launched to our staff with a raffle. Congrats to our winner, Julie Vandergrift.
  • Vernon Township Fire Department, the Kasey Program & Koorsen Fire & Security partnered to bring fire prevention and fire safety tips to Fortville Elementary..

4.2 District: Enrollment Update
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent


Dr. Parker provided an enrollment update.  The update included information from the Fall ADM done in September from 2018 to 2022.   The total  growth was 415 students.  Dr. parker explained how the pandemic affected the future growth plan that was designed in 2018.   Data points and actual cohort growth tables were presented.   Information on Junior graduates and mid year Senior graduates have affected graduation and are growing.  New transfer student policy was explained in detail with information on how that has affected growth.  The new policy has helped decline the amount of transfer students, currently there are 575 transfer student with 38 new transfer families.  Students of staff that do not live in the district make up several of the transfer students.   Information on other Hancock County schools transfer students was given. 

Attendance information was given that may affect the future growth plan.  Examples of the Middle School expedited growth and actual growth were provided.  Mt. Vernon is tracking better than thought with capacity.  With the projected growth capacity the new build was pushed to 2025 to be responsible as promised we will not build until we see the whites of their eyes.   The Bus Loop will be finished in August of 2023 and will help with traffic.  In December 2023 the new Transportation Office will be completed.  July 2025 the new Fortville Elementary School will be completed. 

Mrs. Freeman confirmed that Mt. Vernon did not grow as fast as thought and the future growth plan has been adjusted to meet the needs of in each building moving forward. 


4.3 Lilly Scholarship Finalist
Mr. Bernie Campbell, Mt. Vernon High School Interim Principal


Mrs. Anita Glaze, Mt  Vernon High School Assistant Principal introduced the two Lilly Scholarship Finalist Lilly Fronek and Ella Hubbell. 

Lilly Fronek, daughter of Ken and Amanda Fronek is involved in several extracurricular activities at Mt Vernon.  She does 4-H, Community Garden, and she is the FFA Chairman.  She enjoys hiking, gardening and camping.   She has applied to Purdue and will be pursuing an Agriculture Education degree.  

Ella Hubbell, daughter of  John and Lori Hubbell is involved in tennis, photography and many social clubs.  She has been accepted to Penn State but also applying to Notre Dame and Purdue.     

Mark Anderson from Hancock County Foundation and Board of Directors recognized both finalist for their hard work and congratulated them on their achievements.   He gave a background of the Hancock County Foundation and how Lilly Scholarship recipients were chosen.   The final two scholarship winners will be announced in December after interviews.. Mr Anderson presented both Mt. Vernon finalist with plaques.   

5. Public Comments Regarding Agenda Items
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President

Please reference Policies H 225 - (Public Participation at Board Meetings) and B225 (Meetings) for guidance on providing public input on an agenda item.

Board Policies can be found at


No one signed up to comment.  

6. Consent Agenda
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President


Mr. Edwards motioned to approve the consent items.  Mrs. Walls seconded the motion, motion carried 4-0. 


6.1 Regular Session Minutes

6.2 Claims

6.3 Personnel Report



Krystal Wilson-Vermillion, MES ENL Teacher

Andrea Elstro, MCE/FES Special Education Teacher

Recommendation - Pay Increase for Administrators

Recommendation for 1.25 FTE for Leroy Striker and Jason Wiley

Temporary pay increase to cover a vacant classroom during prep period. (J. Johnson & C. Zelencik)

Denee Lecher, FES School Counselor

Kristen Perry, MVHS Spanish Teacher


Kelly Diehl, MVMS Teacher Math Specialist

Allison Hillebrand, FES FISH Room Teacher (Special Education Behavior Classroom)

Lindsay Davis, MVHS English Teacher


Haley Childers, FES 4th Grade Teacher to FES FISH Room Teacher (Special Education Behavior Classroom)

Krista Rice, MES/FES Special Education Teacher to MES Special Education Teacher


Christina Bastin, Substitute School Nurse (as needed)

Michael Williams, MVHS Custodian

Frances Grundy, Transportation Substitute Bus Driver

Jennifer Wallace, MVHS Prep Cook / Cashier

Falicia Kendrex, MVHS Prep Cook / Server

Jo Dee White, MVHS Prep Cook / Cashier

Rockie Stamps, MCE Prep Cook / Server

Lindsey Knight, MCE Prep Cook / Cashier

Darek Kaminski, MVHS Custodian

Request to increase the hourly rate for MV Substitute Nurses

Briana Lacy, MVHS Instructional Assistant PE

Chrissy Estep, MVHS Custodian

Mark McGill, FES Temporary Custodian


Christina Bastin, Health Coordinator

Christopher Walker, MVHS Head Custodian

Connie Illy, Administration Food Service

Chloe Draper, MVHS Food Service request for termination


Dawn Guthrie, MVHS Food service going from full time to part time.

Kristyn Hutchison, MCE Office Assistant to FES Instructional Assistant Special Education 


Kurt Bayliss, MVMS Volunteer Wrestling Coach

Jacob Clark, MVHS Assistant Football Coach

Ryan Carr, MVHS Quiz Bowl

Michael Ahearn, MVHS Jazz Band Director

Dave Merica, MVHS Freshman Boys Basketball Coach

PJ Sterrett, MVHS Wrestling Coach Volunteer

Nicolle Jordan, MVHS Cheer Coach Volunteer

Shaely Duff, MVHS Girls Basketball Coach Freshman

Joe Anderson, MVHS Student Council


Nick Clarkson, MVHS Assistant Football Coach

Jaclyn Nason, MVHS Jazz Band Director

Troy Guthrie, MVHS Quiz Bowl

Jessica Brown, MVHS Girls Basketball Coach Freshman


Kelsey Wade, Leave of Absence (March 14, 2023 to May 24, 2023)

Beth Chaplin, Leave of Absence (November 10, 2022 to November 18, 2022)

6.4 Overnight Field Trip Request

6.5 Request to Accept Donation

6.6 Construction Claims

7. Action Items
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President

7.1 Approval of MEP/HVAC Design & Engineering Contracts
Mr. Greg Elkins, Chief Financial Officer

Primary Engineering - New Transportation Center

Primary Engineering - New Elementary School


Mr.Elkins presented agreement contracts for the new transportation center and the new elementary school for consideration for approval. 

Mr. Gray made a motion to approve the agreement contracts.   Mr. Edwards seconded the motion, the motion carried 4-0. 


7.2 Approval of Owner's Representative Services Agreement
Mr. Chris Smedley, Assistant Superintendent


Mr. Smedley presented the proposed Owner's Representative Agreement for future growth projects. 

Mr. Tim Jenson from Veridus was available to answer questions.  

Mr. Edwards made a motion to approve the Owner's Representative Agreement.   Mrs. Walls seconded the motion, the  motion carried 4-0. 

Mrs. Freeman asked to confirm with warranties and issues that would arise, how long Veridus would assist?  Mr. Jenson explained they would help for a couple years after the warranties and workmanship according to the agreement.   Mrs. Freeman asked about cost and saving money with the agreement and how that would be tracked.  Mr. Jensen explained more about the agreement and how expense would be saved on orders etc.  Mrs. Walls appreciated how this agreement would help staff save and with bigger projects how this will help staff with bringing in experts to be fiscally responsible. 


7.3 Mt. Vernon High School Handbook Update
Mr. Chris Smedley, Assistant Superintendent


Mr. Smedley presented Mt Vernon High School handbook language changes on the new tardy policy.   

Mrs. Anita Glaze was on there to answer any questions by the board.

Mrs. Walls made a motion to approve the new changes to the tardy policy in the handbook.   Mr. Edwards seconded the motion, the motion carried 4-0.

7.4 Health Education
Dr. Scott Shipley, Director of Curriculum


Dr. Shipley presented the Health Education plan from Health Ed Pros.   

Teacher feedback was positive from last years presentation.  During the Principal PLC with Tracy Furnas they agreed they would like to allow programs for for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.  This program allows parent participation and over 300 parents were involved and watched content last year prior to the event.  Permission was allowed in Parent Square last year along with reminders that helped with parent involvement. This program also follows the IDOE guidelines for these programs.     

Dr. Shipley shared course descriptions and content each of the three programs in detail and requested approval to have these programs again this year. 

Mrs. Walls made a motion to approve these three programs.  Mr. Gray seconded the motion, the motion carried 4-0. 

Mrs. Freeman commented on how she appreciated that the program went above and beyond for parental notifications and met IDOE guidelines.   She appreciated hearing the positive feedback from last year. 


8. Board Member Reports
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent

Fortville RDC - Mr. Tony May

Cumberland RDC - Mrs. Kellie Freeman

Hancock Co. RDC - Mr. Phil Edwards

McCordsville RDC - Mrs. Shannon Walls

MVEF - Mr. Chad Gray


Mrs. Freeman reported Cumberland RDC did not hold a meeting. 

Mr. Edwards reported Hancock County RDC did not have anything relative for the schools. 

Mrs. Walls reported the McCordsville RDC announced an new boutique opening in 2023 but no information for the schools. 

Mr. Gray reported the Mt. Vernon Education Foundation held an annual day of giving on November 15th.  The goal was $15,000 and they raised just under that.   A generous donor matched the first $5000 donation.  The donation period will be extended until the end of they year in hopes of reaching the remainder of their $15,000 goal. 

9. Announcements
Dr. Jack Parker, Superintendent


Dr. Parker announced the annual Open House will be held on Tuesday, December 6th from 2 - 5:30pm.  


10. Adjournment
Mrs. Kellie Freeman, Board President


Mrs. Freeman asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. 

Mr. Edwards made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Mrs. Walls seconded the motion, motion carried 4-0.   

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm.